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  1. Ford Fiesta Ecoboost Mpg

    I would be very happy if it ever achieves 80% of the combined figure, that would give me about 52mpg, to be honest even if it only manages 70% (around 47mpg) that would be better than where it seems to be at the moment. The focus with the same engine claims 56.5mpg (combined) from the Ford figures and Honest John claims an MPG of 40.8 - 72%, so I may achieve near 50 in the Fiesta using those figures. Time will tell but hoping for an extra 10 :-)
  2. Ford Fiesta Ecoboost Mpg

    I have had the 1.0 Ecoboost 125 Titanium X for just under two weeks - the mileage is about 600, my average MPG is just under 40. About half of my miles are motorway (dual carriageway) using cruise control and half are more urban - cross City. I have tried to drive VERY economically - there is an indicator of your eco status in the menu under Ford Eco and when I was pretty much top for the three areas measured (gear shifting/anticipation/speed) I was still only able to get about 42mpg. Driving more normally I am achieving about 39. B1g_dav3 mentioned that figures may be lower for cars not yet run in, the book does say to not try and determine fuel economy until you are past 1000 miles, but typically 2000+, so I’m hoping the figures will improve. I moved to this from a Diesel where I was achieving on average just under 50 (the book combined was listed as 55) - I was hoping for about 55 (book states 65 for combined) from the Fiesta but is it really possible that the economy will improve by about 30% after it has been run in? The only other thing to mention is that I upgraded from the standard 16" wheels to the 17" ones - that could affect my economy but I would have only expected to lose 2-3mpg for that?
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums leonjudge :)