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  1. Fitting Combined Day And Fog Lights

    Hi, I got a set of bright orange plastic trim pry tools off eBay for a couple of pound. Very easy to pop the surrounds off with those.
  2. Fitting Combined Day And Fog Lights

    Hi, I have followed your guide and found it very useful. However I have purchased an Osram set that also gives the cornering light function, does anyone have any idea what colour wire or PIN number supplies the + to the near side front and off side front indicators. I have got the led fog light and led drl functions working, but just have two wires left to connect up, I would like to see how good the function is and have tried the wires in the various pins but is just shows a bulb fault in the car because I can only try this with the headlight disconnected. Any help great fully received.
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums SnoCmax :)