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  1. Once again that's a shame man , no worries.... Look like it will just be me on my own ;) haha
  2. Ahh shame man that's fair enough
  3. Haha :) and yeah but it's just getting numbers... I wouldn't even mind going to London if there was a meet , just think one needs to be done
  4. Haha do it ! Road trip and over night stay ;)
  5. Yeah that's what I'm thinking if we can get 10+ people think it would be cool
  6. I know this should be posted in the ford meet section of the forums but it doesn't seem like it gets much attention? Anyone fancy a meet this month in kent? Not sure where ? depends where people are living, but would be good to see a few other fiesta owners 10+ cars? Anyone interested? I'm in dover but don't mind a half hour commute
  7. Should be a mk6 but could possibly a mk6.5 facelift like mine , if so parts are a bit more annoying for it ... As far as the jack goes I'd get a 1.5 or 2 tonne to be on the safe side, I use a 2 tonne
  8. As far as I'm aware there is separate ones for petrol and diesel ... Look on ford parts uk , euro car parts or demon tweaks ... Should give you the right ones on there
  9. Not to sure about the rear. But the front one for mine pops out. Just take the grill off and on the back where the badge is there is about 6 metal clips, using a flat head bend each one out and the you should be able to pull the badge off. I did this to spray my grill and put it back on with no problems, if you need pics I can post some tomorrow?
  10. Thanks for the info mate, will have a proper look tomorrow evening or just look in the Haynes as I think it probably is in there! Cheers for the other advice :)
  11. I've already considered this and am looking to chane cars next year anyway. I got my car a steal of a price through a friend with full history , and brand new mot ect... I know all this money and mods I put in will not add extra value and I won't get my money back on the car but I feel that I should enjoy the car and make it mine . Someone will like it even if its not at the same value as I got it for. Thanks for the input mate, has been taken into consideration
  12. That's true but the look of my car already could be considered "boy racer" even though I really am not haha
  13. Was what I was thinking ... Doing some major work on the car next week so think ill just bite the bullet and do it haha
  14. Abhh they are looking sweet.... I'm really ummming and ahhhing cos I want to but just have this horrible feeling ill regret it .... Haha
  15. I've just ordered some new springs to lower the car (35mm front , 30mm rear) and I have a rough idea of what to do from previous experience but looking on the web I can't find a single instructional guide? Does anyone have a link to one or could do a right up? Would be much appreciated