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  1. Engine Light

    Hi Stef and thanks for your response. The car seems to be running fine as it always has. How do i get the codes read to find out if there is a fault. (sorry if this sounds like a adumb question but i have never had anything like this wrong with a car before)
  2. Engine Light

    Hi Guys. I am a maiden in need of some assistance. My oil light came on last friday and I topped up my Focus C Max 1.8 petrol with 10W40 oil without checking to handbook first. I now know it should have been 5W30. My engine light came on yesterday after a busy weekend (drove over 400 miles). I hoped it would be okay this morning but it is still on. The car is running fine at the moment (touching wood as i type). Any ideas that aren't going to cost me a fortune ??
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums Mariedc :)