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  1. Happy Birthday spursalex!

  2. I believe only turbo charged cars have MAF sensors (the one in my golf gttdi 150 was replaced a couple of times!!).
  3. Yes, hence the wink.
  4. Seriously??? I'd be amazed if you got a ticket for being less than 10% over the limit. Remember - your cars speedo is over calibrated as it is required to be by law. If it says you're doing 43, you're probably doing more like 39/40. If you go by your satnav then you are a loser for driving round with a satnav on all the time ;) dont flap!
  5. I doubt it! It is the vapour given off by petrol, then mixed with air that is flammable- not the liquid itself (this is the underlying principle of internal combustion). If you smell petrol you are smelling the vapour. If this is the case get the hell out of your car!! Vapour will not escape from your fuel tank unless it is damaged. Alex
  6. To explain better - fill away, when your tank is nearly full the nozzle with click in your hand and automatically stop fuel from flowing. You can either stop here or continue to pump until it clicks a second time. You are then full! If you are interested in saving a tiny bit more money, only half fill your tank each time- this means you are carrying less fuel, meaning less weight, meaning better economy. Although the savings are probably very, very small!!
  7. The pump nozzle will click and stop automatically- you'll feel it!! Never let it click more than twice! Not a silly question at all.
  8. Mk7 1.6 petrol manual - getting about 320 miles so far.
  9. Halfords? (don't laugh!) I bought one of the 3 stage touch up kits today for my panther black for fiesta for £12. It's the pukka ford colour.
  10. Hi folks, I wonder if anybody else here has had a similar issue... I have retro-fitted a bluetooth with usb module to my 09 fiesta (with the kind help of iNath) and can now play my music from my iphone or usb stick through the car stereo with full control through the steering wheel. The only drawback, despite having the most recent update from Ford, is that while i can stream music from my phone via bluetooth I can't control it through the stereo or steering wheel controls!? (iphone 4 running most recent iOS6) Any body have any ideas? Cheers, Alex
  11. I'm gutted! I spoke to the guy who seemed pretty sure it would work with the Fiesta but also added it could be returned hassle free. I'll be paying Ford £320 for one at this rate!
  12. Wow, uploading images is a nightmare!
  13. I hope this works...
  14. From the album Module pictures

  15. From the album Module pictures