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  1. First Time Problem Focus Mk1 2001

    Turns out thermostat housing is cracked and the seal is knackered. Just waiting replacement parts. Thanks again :)
  2. First Time Problem Focus Mk1 2001

    Yea it does make sense. It must have happened recent cause the fluids were fine Saturday...
  3. First Time Problem Focus Mk1 2001

    Hi all. I have put some anti freeze in, checked under car and got to see it pouring on the ground :/ Having looked under the hood it seems to be leaking at the thermostat so hopefully that is the problem... Thanks again and I will post what solution I get.
  4. First Time Problem Focus Mk1 2001

    Thanks again...
  5. First Time Problem Focus Mk1 2001

    I did check the liquid sat just gone and when filling screen wash a bit spilt, would that cause harm?! (4days...) I will try to have a look under hood tomorrow but will probably have to leave a detailed look until weekend due to work :/
  6. Hi all. I was driving home from work, short 3-4 mile drive. Had the heating on and realised that it wasn't heating up. The. I noticed the temp gauge on the dash rising near to red, then in red, then what I assume is a engine overheat light come on ( an ! in a jagged circle). Then the seat belt light came on (only me in car wearing seat belt). Then the revs started to drop and it felt heavy to drive, like a power loss of some sort and loud fan noises from under the hood. When I stopped to reverse park the car was juddering, likely I was so close to home I guess. Being so late I can't see anything to look at the car/under hood. Just wondering if any of to lovely people have heard of something like this and have any pointers a novice like me can look at?!.... Much appriceated for any help Gav
  7. Mk1 Ford Focus Gear Knob

    Yea that's what I was thinking... I'll look at it once the new gaiter comes... Cheers buddy :D
  8. Mk1 Ford Focus Gear Knob

    Hey, Yea I have ordered a custom gaiter for both gear and handbrake as well, they are yet to come. I do fear that this issue may still arise. Worse case I guess I could use a cable tie on the under side or some sort of clip...
  9. Mk1 Ford Focus Gear Knob

    Hey, I just got a custom gear knob for mine too. Unscrewed easily, attached new gear knob, however it sits higher leaving about an inch gap between gaiter and gear knob. Anyone have this issue or a solution?!... Cheers,
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums Breadas :)

    1. Breadas


      Thank you Steve. Good to be here :D