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  1. Will a jack from a 2002 fiesta work with a 2009 model. any help on this subject would be appreciated.
  2. Thank you Dan
  3. Thank you Lenny for your helpful reply. I'll wait and see if any members have done this. Thanks again zteve.
  4. Hi all, new member here. I've just bought an 09 fiesta 1.4 titanium it has 16in alloys as i'm sure you all k.now. The problem I have is there's no spare wheel just the dreaded foam filler, what I need to know is , will a full size spare fit in the wheel well or do I need to find a space saver. Thank you.
  5. Hi all, just bought my first fiesta. 09 1.4 titanium. Luv it.
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums zteve :)