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  1. Sorry just saw your next post :/
  2. Ok thanks but would the doors cause the engine not to start?
  3. No they're not, the car has only done 28,000 miles I'm the second owner it's barely been used! Surely both keys wouldn't die overnight! Could they?!
  4. Checked all the fuses they're all fine! The engine won't start either!
  5. No they won't unlock at all! They worked fine the day before!
  6. Thanks :)
  7. I have a Mk3 1995 Fiesta 1.3 ghia auto, I have 2 transponder keys no red master key, both keys worked fine. Last week I went to use my car but it wouldn't unlock, tried both keys both locks! I can get in through the boot however this did set the alarm off! Once in through the boot tried starting the car - nothing happens! The lights work and the electric windows work so the battery is not dead! What else could this be? Please help. Zena
  8. Hello, I'm Zena I have a Fiesta Mk3 which was great until it recently decided to lock me out :/ typical as it's mot runs out Friday! I hope I can suss it out soon!
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums ZenaMk3 :)