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  1. Hi I have a 05 plate ST 2.2 diesel,about a week ago abs and traction control lights started to come on and sometimes battey light have replaced altenator but still got same problem,any help thanks.
  2. hi i have just purchased an 05 ST 2.2 tdci,bought as damaged repairable,just had bump to rear,they said it starts and drives.got it delivered on sunday,battery flat,got battery charged,car started but stopped immediately and wont start,left for half an hour same thing starts then stops and wont restart,cleaned egr but still the same,had code P0251 but cleared it still wont run,Any ideas,thanks.
  3. Reversing Sensors/bumper Grille

    cheers thanks,was trying to get ford ones to fit holes already there.
  4. wanted ford reversing sensors to fit st rear bumper 05 plate also rear bumper grilles for st bumper
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums pockets1 :)