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  1. Focus Tddi 1.8 Timing Belt Change

    Thanks but I would like to do it myself, as i do everything else on my car, but this is one job i just need some helpful advice on.
  2. Focus Tddi 1.8 Timing Belt Change

    Hi everyone im a bit of a newbie here so apologies if i make mistakes in posting or if its been covered. I just need some info about doing a cam belt change and I have a few questions... First do i need to remove the cam belt sprocket, or can i just loosen it somehow? Do I need to remove intercooler? Can I use a bolt as a timing pin if so am I right in thinking its a M10 cut to 63.4 mm as per Petrol version. Can I just use (or do I even need) a bar of the correct size on cam slot? Do I need a Clavis gauge as per haynes manual, or do new tensioners have auto type setting? Also when I come to mark TDC on crankshaft pulley where do I mark ? I think thats it, Ive never done a cam belt so just wanting to make sure I dont make any errors. Thanks in advance for any advice.:)
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      Thank you, I found some very helpful info on here