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  1. Hello All :)

    I'm not far, from I'm around the Romford area, so am worried it will get stolen again.
  2. Hello All :)

    No, I didn't have an alarm fitted, was unaware that there wasn't one already factory fitted from fords. So I need to look into getting one fitted, for a decent price. Either that or maybe a tracker and steering lock. Do any of you recommend anything?
  3. Hello All :)

    Hi all, Thought I would register here and hopefully gets some advice from people that maybe have had the great joy of recently having a car stolen. So, I bought my shiny new fiesta in August and loved it, ok it drunk a lot of petrol but I can live with that. But then about a month ago my little car was taken from outside my house, why I was sitting at home. I still had my keys and no glass was smashed, so not 100% how it got taken. My issue is what can I do to stop this happening again in an not so expensive way? Thanks in advance. Sam :)
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums SamH25 :)