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  1. That sounds ridiculously expensive and theres hardly any parts on ebay. It's annoying that ford have made it so difficult. i went to a ford dealer today and they said they couldn't do it... The Parrot units don't let you use BT Audio. What do ford expect you to do? even if i got a DIN fascia and put another radio in it's going to look ridiculous on the dash. Do yo have any part codes for the parts including looms? Thanks for the info Nath. Mike
  2. Hi, I have no long got a 2009 MK8 Fiesta which has the standard head unit without any phone or bluetooth functions like this one: And i am looking to add bluetooth with bluetooth audio streaming to the car. Can anyone help me with the list of parts that i need in order to get it fully working, i am not fussed about DAB as i can't really be bothered changing the ariel for the car. So far im thinking i need to get a head unit that looks like this one: and a bluetooth voice module like this: Do i need to change the screen? or will the one i have work. what about the cable from the bluetooth module to the radio? will it already be there in the loom? Any help will be much appreciated. Kind Regards, Mike
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums TheGlenn :)