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  1. Having seen the symposer, does anyone know if you can just take the hose going into the cabin off? After all the symposer is a sealed unit?
  2. I have the hard pipe upgrade which made the symposer noise louder, and combined with the exhaust was rather boomy on full throttle.. Removing it for me has allowed you to hear more growl and pure induction sound and turbo hiss.
  3. Not seen the hose come up, but the symposer delete has.. Car sounds much cleaner after fitting it.
  4. Haha yeah, let's tend to drive everywhere with Windows open now.
  5. Very distinctive sound. I do have everything except the cat, and. Mr230 map so does make a difference.
  6. Glad you got yours sorted Phil.. As for the volume side of things, I think it's deceptively load, depending on how it's driven if I am honest.. It can be very loud if you want it to be, but dead quiet on a cruise, if you want it to be. Certain people do know when I coming..
  7. Omg can't believe how much issue you have had. Mines been perfect, the fact you have had two exhausts fitted suggests they don't know what there doing or haven't noticed something else.. As above regards the warrentee, although the Mountune boys and girls wrote my serial number down on my invoice for me so I didn't have to look under the car.
  8. Well Phil so sorry to hear your still having problems, but it could be the lack of hot running adjustment. Something you normally have to do with a standard system, but very important on stainless.
  9. Can't be 2 defective exhausts. Must be something else that was disturbed, or simply poor alignment. Is there anywhere else you could take it for a second opinion?
  10. Hmm the car shouldn't really be popping more really, it's unburnt fuel in that's fired in to help cool the cylinders. Just more audible with larger bore exhausts. Fingers crossed then knock is dealt with.
  11. . Not the best photo but taken directly above. As you can see the tips stick slightly out further then the bumper.
  12. Mine looks the same as yours mate. Although hard to judge from photos but mine does stick a little.
  13. Yeah mines perfect 1500ish miles done now.
  14. Did it make much difference to the sound?
  15. Have you removed the symposer? Was debating to do that now with the exhaust fitted.. But it didn't look warrentee friendly.?