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  1. Nice, have you had the focus lowered?
  2. Other than tidying up the odd scratches and dents, that's pretty much most of the exterior mods all done for me. So weird seeing the Focus back in 2013 looking like this as stock: And now 3 years later, a shocking amount of eBay expenditure, and smarter looking Focus But still a few more bits left to do.
  3. Some photos just as it started to rain 7
  4. Yeah finally got round to uploading them. Incoming picture-fest
  5. Nicely done, the rear diffuser. Coming along nicely.
  6. Alas yes, there is a dent on the drivers' side rear panel, ironically where the side skirt fits over. There is also a dent on the rear wheel arch on the passengers side. I'll probably have them repaired at the bodyshop later this year. Side Skirts really complete the look, very happy with how they have turned out. Nice strong bond having left it for two days now, and Tiger Seal black blends in nicely with the Sea Grey colour.
  7. I'll upload the pictures with the skirts fitted tomorrow.
  8. Finally got round to fitting the ST Side Skirts this weekend, to finish off the Zetec S look. The weather was playing chicken with me on Sat, rain for 10mins, stop for 30mins, rain again, rinse and repeat. I'll knock up a guide at some point for anyone interested in fitting the ST side skirts to an MK2.5. I removed the existing panels which are screwed into the body under the doors. There is alot of dirt and grim accumulated underneath these panels so be prepared. Gave the area a good clean and sized up the skirts against the Focus. I used black Tiger Seal on the side skirts before fitting them with some helping hands (thanks Kurt aka MixMasterLooney). They have been left to harden for 48 hours so no driving. Here's pictures without the skirts:
  9. Haven't posted much in quite awhile, but couldn't let this little gem get away. Not content with making an illegal u-turn, big sign saying no u-turns for obvious reasons, but the drive was completely oblivious to what he had done, even when I confronted him about it.
  10. One side of the ST side skirt turned up today. Didn't realise how big the thing was. Here's the box: And unboxed: Just waiting on the other side , but bit of a steal at £60 on ebay and in very good condition.
  11. I know you guys will enjoy this one. So where I used to live was a hotbed for antisocial parking, but this lady takes the crown. I'm still a member of the resident's forum so love seeing the updates of all the things ppl !Removed! about, from interesting to trivial. So she parks her vauxhall in the emergency access area and basically harasses anyone who approaches her about it. As you can see she parks her car here and blocks this area, which is meant to be for emergency vehicles, disabled access only. But every now and then justice comes along. Not sure what happened but she has been clamped and apparently police are involved. Safe to say she is not going anywhere, anytime soon.
  12. Here's the finished product:
  13. Cheers mate, sure. Cleaned the grille with warm water and soap, then lightly sanded it, to give the primer something to adhere to. 3 coats of plastic primer (20minute intervals between coats). Left it for 24hours to harden Another light sanding, then 3 coats of high gloss black paint (20minute intervals between coats). Left for 24hours to harden. (i left mine for prob 48hours as it was over the xmas period. Finally a very very light sanding to iron out any imperfections. You would worry this would remove the glossy finish from the paint but don't worry. 3 coats of lacquer (20min intervals between coats). Left to harden for 24hours. The lacquer gives it that lovely shiny gloss as well as protecting from the elements. The above is a rough guide of what I did, but should work for most car plastics.