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  1. Focus Mk1 51 Plate Pcv Information

    Hi and thanks for a response, I really just want to add it to see if it actually makes a difference and yes the engine is a stock engine. So do you know what configuration I would use to install the catch can ? I have found a pic that might be relevant: I am looking to just replace the PCV valve but cant seem to find it online.
  2. Hello everyone I'm new to the forum, I joined to see about getting some information. I have a 1.6 Petrol Mk1 Focus with a Zetec SE engine and I would like to fit an oil catch can but I have no idea where to connect it? I think it goes after my PCV then connects onto the pipes that go back in the engine ? I'm really confused with this as I think I also have a Breather filter somewhere as well. I originall thought it would connect in between this pipe: Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums peter433 :)