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  1. Thanks Guys New to all this stuff! set up a Photobucket account now. Cheers :) I used a Ceramic P80 150 mm Sanding Disc we've started getting them from Germany at work and they are a good abrasive. they have a multi-hole extraction system that clears the dust. cleaned all the old paint and rust of perfect. I was going to use a flap-wheel but thought it might be a bit aggressive and not so controllable! I'm thinking of spraying it in black as it was with a 2K paint. might even put stone chip on it to protect it from the Devon roads! what do you think? Thanks again :)
  2. Update on the project above Sorry couldn't add images to a new Reply so i added them to the original post! Cheers :)
  3. I'm a Marketing/Development Manager In the Aerospace/Automotive&Marine Consumables Industry. Mainly for the consultancy & Supply of abrasives and finishing Products for solid surfaces. I Love It (get allot of Sanding disc to use on the rust of my Fords!HAHA!) :) Cheers
  4. Hi Everyone New to the Forum Scene! Started restoring / rebuilding my 1995 Fiesta RS 1800 this week thought id post it up for everyone to see and also get some advice and feedback. Haven't got many pics of it before but have started to strip. A few Pics of the progress and issues so far. ------------------------------------------------------ Quick Update! Rear Subframe Removed & Cleaned up not to bad overall. removal of the brakes tomorrow and ready for paint! found a bit more rust! typical! Cheers :)
  5. Hi Everyone I'm new to the Forum scene. Started a Part restoration (could easily turn into a full blown Restoration) on my Fiesta RS1800 (Radiant Red) so thought id put it on a forum. Thanks eveyone Nige
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums waltimus :)