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  1. Couldn't agree with you more, all I wanted was a straight forward answer but MR King !Removed! thought he'd be a smart !Removed!. Just wanted him to know what it seems most on here already do that he's a waste of space. Nuff said, You'll hear no more on the matter. I'm done. ;)
  2. By your very comments you've proved time and time again on this thread that you are unpleasent. I'm sure we will never meet, but if we did I would glady tell you to your face. Now jog along prick, I'm done wasting time on a !Removed! like YOU!!!
  3. Much appreciated. Glad to see there are some decent people on here. :D
  4. I've tried had to be courtious and polite to you but you really are quite unpleasent arn't you. Apologises in advance to anyone else reading this, but you really are a complete FUCKWIT!!!!
  5. Not qute sure why you think it's a waste of time, like I said, once I get the error code i'll goggle it to find out what it is. Say it's a lamba sensor then I'll fit a new one and then clear the error code. Better to have a go, it ain't costing me anything, and who knows maybe I'll learn something along the way.
  6. Thank you.
  7. I thought that once I had the codes I would be able to goggle to find out what the code is. Also, I'm not doing it my father is, he just asked me if I knew where the plug in point was. I just thought I'd save him a bit of time if I had already located it.
  8. Yeh I've googled but not quite sure whether I'm asking the right questions.
  9. Does this mean you know or not?
  10. Hi all, I've got a problem with my fezzer and the ECU light has come on. I've got a diagnotic machine borrowed from a friend of a friend and am just wondering where I plug this in. It's a 2002 new shape model. Thanks all.
  11. Thanks very much for takingthe time to reply.
  12. Hello, Thanks for taking the time to read this thread. I have a 1.4 Fiesta Zetec 52 reg. Basically my MOT is due tomorrow and after giving my exhaust system a quick once over I've found, what can only be described as, a hole in my exhaust back box. On further inspection the hole that I found actually looks like it's supposed to be there. It's only about 5mm across and is slightly finned out from the exhaust. It is just below where the pipe carries on out of the back box towards the front of the car. I would really appreciate it if anyone with any knowledge of this could give me their views on whether this is normal or not. Once again thanks very much.