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  1. when the car cuts out i get the oil, battery and engine light. The problem happened an hour after the backbox was fitted, i took it back and apprently the clamp wasnt on properly. It was fine for a few weeks then back to cutting out :(
  2. yes they had a lot of trouble getting it off can remember a lot of noise :/, the backbox was blowing
  3. haha thanks was too late to correct my spelling mistake :). No i dont think it was a ford backbox as i noticed when it came off it was a diff shape to my previous backbox. I dont think a code reader will help as apprently there is no codes stored after being on a dianogstics a few times
  4. its been a whole month of in and out of garages just hoping ford can find a solution as its my last hope, i hope your right and its just the oxygen sensor as they arent expensive to fix
  5. small place they just referred me to ford ! my car does all them things, it mainly cuts out when ive been in traffic, hills , roundabouts and corners when the revs are low, shes very restained on power feels like ive got a heavy car
  6. i have they arent interested, its been a loads of dianogstics and comes up with no error codes but cuts out everyday and the exhuast sounds like its spitting and choking, had to take it to ford for them to run it through their computer but its going to cost £96 :( at my witts end now just want it fixes
  7. I have a 1.25 zetec 57 and ever since i got my backbox changed its been hunting and cutting out at junctions/roundabouts. I have taken it to a number of garages and no one will touch it :( has anyone had this problem and how did u resolve it ?
  8. im having the exact same problem, my ford fiesta 1.25 zetec 2008 does the exact same. The car idles really badly and have cut out 3 times, which include heavy steering and warning lights, switch the car back on and works fine :/ please help
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums emma1992 :)