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  1. Flashing Glow Plug

    No i havent Greg, iv seen lots of posts on other forums about the flashin glow plug and it sounds a nightmare tryin to solve it. Iv only had the car 3 months an so far its cost me £800 at the garage and im no better off. I just need a decent mechanic to look at it and say wether it will cost loads to fix. If so il just cut my losses and end it. I just need a number for a good mobile mech nr Lewes east sussex. Thanks for reply mate.
  2. Hiya im new so hi everyone, i recently bought mk3 mondeo tdci and hav had nuffin but probs. the lastest is a flashin glow plug and now the car cuts out constantly. My garage canot seem to fix it. I liv nr brighton in east sussex and if anyone knows a good mobile mechanic sif knowledge of this problem i would appreciate it. Thanks guys.
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums Sput66 :)