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  1. not as far as i know
  2. I have a p100 1990 1.8 diesel . It is running a bit lumpy and on idle chuffing grey sooty smoke it clears on higher revs but comes back after a minute on idle th smoke stinks of diesel too. Thanks amanda any advice please.
  3. It is just running lumpy. And if you rev it it runs ok but then after a min of idling it starts lumping again I don't think it's oil as the smoke smells really bad of diesel
  4. I have a p100 1990 1.8 diesel . It is missing a bit and smoking badly. The smoke is blueish and worse on idle . Clears a bit when revved and smells of diesel. Anyone got an idea what the problem could be and how to fix. Thanks in advance . Amanda
  5. I am in desperate need of back lights for my mk3 covertable any offers???
  6. hi guys have just bought myself a lovely mk3 convertible she has a 2.0l zetec engine and has had sport suspension fitted but i have the age old problem all the bushes are worn, so looking into fitting poly bushes all round anyone know best place to get them xx :)
  7. From the album pinkerton

    1984 ford escort convertible, she has a 2.0l zetec engine sports suspension body kit and as you can see a fab respray
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums amandamin666 :)