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  1. ive had a non working windscreen wash system for 2 years (yes ive been really lazy) never felt i could tackle the issue myself and didnt want to pay £70 to have a mechanic deal with it over the last week ive read up on a thread here where someone had same issue they changed the pump and cleaned the filter ive never worked on any car but after watching youtube videos i felt i could try this so this morning with a few tools i removed the drivers side wheel removed the inner lining removed the washer bottle took the bung/filter off which was gunked up cleaned that and washed bottle out took a chance and put bottle together again filled up with water and tested which to my delight worked a treat so rather than buying a new pump i just put all back in place fitted liner and wheel back filled bottle up with autoglym screen wash this took me an hr and 1/2 got filthy wet but feel good with myself having taken on this task and saving £70 with help and advice from this forum anyone can take most car issues on so id like to say a BIG THANKYOU to everyone who helps and advises on threads where people need help especially when photos or videos get added which helps tremendously
  2. google google i wouldnt bother with that when i can ask the enthusiast on the ford fiesta forum
  3. any fresh info on spec or photos or videos
  4. i must be so slow i just seen that theres a new model fiesta due out later this year ive watched a few videos on youtube boy what a wicked looking car and the interior is great
  5. looking to get a new fiesta 3 door titanium later this year and cant decide between white,deep impact blue and candy red
  6. im probably only doing 5.000 miles a year mostly london driving and the occasional trip on the motorway
  7. im looking into leasing a fiesta and fancy a top spec was looking at the 1.0 ecoboost titanium or the x and the 1.5 diesel titanium econetic or the navigation not sure what the difference in the specs are just wondering if the difference in mpg would sway me rather than the odd gadet
  8. id picked up 2 bulbs after ordering online just got round to fitting today and 1 fitted the other didnt i checked the boxes and the guy had given me differnt code numbers the one that fitted was LLB383 which is priced around £14 the 1 that dont fit is LLB380R priced £2.80 i only paid £5ish for both bulbs but cant understand why the bulb recommended dont fit the bulbs look the same but 1 of the nipples is 1mm out from sloting down the channel of the bulb holder looks like im paying full price for the 2nd bulb i think £14 for a brake light bulb is taking the *****
  9. many thanks guys im gonna go back to euro car parts tomorrow for £5 for 2 bulbs if they dont last then i will get the led lights
  10. ordered from ebay but didnt fit been halfords and euro car parts with no luck the original bulb has offset nipples at different hights does anyone know where i can order some please
  11. many thanks i thought as much
  12. i sat waiting to pick wife up from work for 20mins with air con on and when i moved out of parking space there was a puddle of warm water under engine is this normal or do i have a leak??? as once i got home i turned of air con and just had the blower on full sat for 20mins and looked under the car and there was no water
  13. stoney its not me upgrading im selling my dvd sat nav player on gumtree and the guy who wants to buy it has a 2005 focus and the units for the mk2.5
  14. just need a little help in trying to answer a question for a guy who has a focus 2005 and wants to fit a 2009 cd6000 i know he needs a new facia but can any 1 link me from ebay the adapters needed to screw the radio in i know there ford parts number 1547964 x 2 @ £4.37 each – Adapters
  15. take your time be gentle or you will damage the clips