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  1. many thanks i thought as much
  2. i sat waiting to pick wife up from work for 20mins with air con on and when i moved out of parking space there was a puddle of warm water under engine is this normal or do i have a leak??? as once i got home i turned of air con and just had the blower on full sat for 20mins and looked under the car and there was no water
  3. stoney its not me upgrading im selling my dvd sat nav player on gumtree and the guy who wants to buy it has a 2005 focus and the units for the mk2.5
  4. just need a little help in trying to answer a question for a guy who has a focus 2005 and wants to fit a 2009 cd6000 i know he needs a new facia but can any 1 link me from ebay the adapters needed to screw the radio in i know there ford parts number 1547964 x 2 @ £4.37 each – Adapters
  5. take your time be gentle or you will damage the clips
  6. i 1st bought those blue bulbs and wasnt happy with the brightness so put them as the number plate lights and got the 7led 1s which are alot brighter and im much happier
  7. i have a similar bulb (7 led) and after turning the car off getting out and locking the car the light slighty stays on (very dim) not sure for how long but after goin g back to check an hr later (easyer to see in the dark) the lights off
  8. maybe this
  9. the same happened to me in another car deffo the battery also used to make my temp gauge sit at 3/4 when driving and at 1/4 when engine was off, change it asap or 1 day soon its just not gonna start when you really need it to and like me sit and wait over an hour for the AA and then wait another 30mins for them to test it and then change it THAT WAS 90 MINS I DIDNT HAVE SPARE
  10. that will fit
  11. i must ask what did you pay for the beauty
  12. i just have to ask how long have you owned the car as £10,500 for a 2010 seems expensive to me anyway, i bought (8 weeks ago)a 2009 1.6 zetec 25k on the clock and very clean £5,600 im looking at mk3 2011 titaniums at £11,000
  13. i started some similar threads when i bought a dvd sat nav unit (looks similar to yours) after fitting it and the button light didnt work or the time staying set or the sat nav not connecting to the gps without going through the settings (takes around 10 secs to reset gps) i got the hump with it and took it out and refitted the cd6000 and put the dvd sat nav unit on gumtree london GOT LOADS OF GREAT ADVICE ON THE FORUM THERES LOADS OF HELP HERE but i just could start changing wires around when i havnt got a clue and wernt gonna pay a stereo installer so just went back to my old unit and tbh im not missing the imported unit
  14. that'll be the least commented on thread on the forum (only messing with you)
  15. just like mine a capless bulb