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  1. it really is a step back ive had to order a 32 gb usb stick to put me on until ford sort this as it wont let me use the handsfree if i plug my phone in via the cable
  2. From the album My Fiesta St

  3. From the album My Fiesta St

  4. Hi Guys i have just picked up my new fiesta st it has the sony navigation with Sync i have an iphone 4s when i play music through bluetooth it does not display any song information in my old fiesta zetec s on the ford audio system i did get song names etc and the option to shuffle and repeat while playing via bluetooth has any one got the new sync to do this? thanks
  5. ive ordered mine through the car scheme at work it will cost me just over £240 which includes everything tyres insurance service all i have to worry about its putting fuel in , one of the perks of working for the NHS still waiting on mine (ordered mid march) was due to get it this week but when i called last week it was pushed to next week im just going to wait for the dealer to call me now im scared of calling again and them telling me its been pushed back even more
  6. Ordered an st-2 in spirit blue EATC Sony navigation orderered at the start of march was advised of a 12/15 week wait :(
  7. took mine in for a service yesteday and i saw it in the morning took a few pics but when i went to collect mine later it had gone must have been prepping it for you let me know how you find it i ordered mine from castleford need to book a test drive really if im honest enjoy
  8. i have no clue probally not its not that expensive compare to other in built navigation i know they have done a lot with ford sync on it though should make life easier
  9. i called for an update last week they told me to call again after the 28th of may for another update
  10. Ordered The Same mate ST-2 Spirit Blue sony nav kit style pack ordered it middle of march but looks like i wont be getting it until june 12/15 week wait :( So thats at least two Driving around barnsley
  11. Welcome to the Ford forums Foxy1984 :)