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  1. Hi, I've recently bought a new Focus Titanium (2015) and I can't figure out if this is a glitch or a setting that I'm missing but basically the centre buttons (see picture) don't light up unless I press the eject CD button. I understand that they turn off when the entertainment system is off but not even the power button lights up or the hazard button which I assume should always be on? Any advice? Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  2. Text Message Working!!

    The only thing that I think I did differently was after reading some random American thread about getting the text messaging facility working was to unpair the iPhone from the car and then repair it but in the settings in my iPhone's bluetooth I turned 'Show Notifications' on. This is what I think enabled the texts to work? Either that or a helpful glitch? I can't actually send any text messages via the car but it'll recieve them, read them out to me or allow me to see them on the dash. I also made sure that any text messaging settings were turned on in the car. Maybe someone else can try the show notifications thing and let us know if it works for them?
  3. Text Message Working!!

    Fiesta EcoBoost 13 btw
  4. Text Message Working!!

    I was driving along yesterday and suddenly felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and then the car got the text and read it out / displayed it on the screen?! iPhone 5?! Anyone else's just randomly started working? Touch wood it'll still work today!
  5. Mk 7.5 Auto Windows And Other Questions

    There is a tab.
  6. Mk 7.5 Auto Windows And Other Questions

    Thanks for the replys guys. I don't have auto wipers or lights!? So not sure! Nor do I have the active city stop! Any news on how we do the auto window thing lol?
  7. Mk 7.5 Auto Windows And Other Questions

    Oh and also how come SYNC doesn't display track info when playing via Bluetooth when it used to on my old Fiesta? Am I missing a setting?!
  8. Hi all, Recently picked up a new 2013 Facelift Zetec (100) and have noticed that both driver and passenger windows have one touch open/close (as opposed to my old Mk 7 Fiesta). Does this mean we can have the automatic open/close functionality using my key fob? Also, I have a black box above my rear view mirror (attached to the windscreen) anyone know what it's for? Finally, any news on getting the text messaging system to work on the iPhone 5?
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums roo20487 :)