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  1. Fiesta Paint Trouble

    Cheers mate thanks. Was i reading the wrong bit on the vin plate ? is it qx ? or my eyes going funny lol. thanks
  2. Zetec Diesel Misfire

    HI there im a part time car mechanic but full time Plant mechanic. With the engine managment light flashing the Ecu must be picking up a fault in the fuel managment system. You say they replaced 1 Injector out of the 4 ? When we replace injectors We replace them as a set becouse you are garanteed to have problmes 1 to 4 months down the road. What i would do is make them plug a Diagnostic tool and see what the Engine managment says. If all is ok and fault still present all Injectors will have to be removed and taken to be tested. Has the fuel filter been changed recently ?
  3. Hi there chaps restoring a Mk4 fiesta to back on the road, New engine and gear box. Need to sort out some rust issue prior to the next m.o.t. And im in need of some paint codes. Big problme is i have been everywhere and looked everyhwere for this paint code and colour and given up. I have a pic of the Vin and colour of the car can anyone please help many thanks. Jeremy The paint code is QX but this colour code dont appear anywhere ??
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Darkmessiah :)