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  1. 1.4 Tdci Remapping???

    Hi Danny, This is Amiya, I am from Bangalore India. I have a Ford Fiesta 1.4 tdci. The engine specs are : 68ps@4000 rpm and 160 Nm@2000rpm. I guess you too have the same Fiesta. Even I find its engine a bit lame and we have to constantly keep changing gears to keep it moving. I got its ECU remapped recently by the Tune-O-Tronics team. I did a lot of research and nowadays almost all the Fiesta owners go for a ECU remap here in India. You will have to find similar experts there near your place and get it done. The tuners will give you two options, one, which would increase your engine torque and bhp to a decent level. This will be strictly under safe limits and it will not cause much wear and tear to your engine components. Most of the owners go for this tune. The new and safe engine specs are 88bhp@4000 rpm and 195 Nm@2000 rpm. I too advise you to go for this. It depends lot on the tuner as to how good he is so that he tunes the other components in the ECU too to get the best configuration/map. The other will be a powerized tune which will run your car on its peak Engine capacity. This would cause more wear and tear and you will have to frequently get it serviced. I have done almost 500 kms after the tune and enjoying every bit of it. Now I cannot drive a stock 1.4 tdci at all. I know owners who have now run almost 7000kms and have not experienced any issue till date. -Amiya
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