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  1. Hello. can you confirm the fuses in the central fuse box as no 47 and 48 7.5 amp left and right side as these are ones i am checking. thanks again. ford focus ghia 1.6 auto 2000 model.
  2. Hello I can only quote you on a mk 1 focus year 2000 as the fuse box is the same you bring down the glove box to expose the fuses and there is no cover being exposed is not a problem as it is in the interior of the car . hope this helps. john .
  3. Hello i turned my sidelights on to find that one of the number plate bulbs had gone ,so fitted new one, by accident i touched the body with the holder and shorted it ok silly mistake, from experience a fuse gone so checked the fuses all ok i have checked all fuses and changed them ,but i am left with no side lights dash light and chime.i have headlights and fog lamps and park but no side lights. can you help Thanks