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  1. 2013 Fiesta Bonnet Closing Problems

    Well hopefully they can fix it once its back in the garage for its checks. Bit of a pain.
  2. So I was on holiday in Wales with my family and decided to show them my new car, did the obligitory show them hte engine and then when I went to close the bonnet it wouldnt shut fully. An hour later after i rang the dealership and ford breakdown the spring for poping the hood has been taken out as its too powerful for the light bonnet to close properly. Not the best start to my family seeing my new pride and joy but hey ho. off to the garage to get it replaced i guess. Anyone else had this issue?
  3. Wait Times On The New Fiesta Ecoboost

    Dark Knight, which TC Harrison did you get it from, mine was from Peterbrough
  4. Wait Times On The New Fiesta Ecoboost

    Hi Brum Brum, i think (cant remember exactly) it was around £400. Really changes the appearance of the car though, makes it look a lot sportier (is that a word???)
  5. Wait Times On The New Fiesta Ecoboost

    Took mine about 4 weeks to get it. Ive got the 100 in race red too, with the dress up kit, you will love it.
  6. Fiesta Dress Up Kit

    Hi Sweep. I have just got my Fiesta with the dress up kit. The grille in the standard one (which i prefer). It looked really nice with the slightly bigger wheels too.
  7. Hi there, Im a Ford owner through and through, just bought myself a nice little race red 2013 ecoboost fiesta with the bodykit. Goes like a dream! Cars owned in order. Fiesta Escort Focus Mk1 Focus Mk2 Focus Mk3 Fiesta
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums Radardish :)

    1. Radardish


      Thanks. Ill get a pic of my car on here soon.