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  1. Sorry for the late response the email for the reply went straight to spam! Hate it went that happens! Thank you for taking the time to respond! I have tried adjusting the headlights and when I turn the headlights on I do hear an adjustment sound i.e. motor doing something but sound is still there. The left headlight which is the same side of the motor is also dim. Side light is fine but headlight comes on but it very dim so I'm assuming theres a connection. I had planned on taking the headlight out today and checking the connecters but started raining. Is there anything I can do if the headlight motor is stuck to loosen it up? I've taken a picture of what I think is making the noise but I cannot figure out how to attach it to this message It's a brown rubber coated 'thing' (I have no idea what it is, I've searched everywhere for the engine bay layout for my car but and found a few but none show that particular part.) It's next to the battery, steering fluid and behind the headlight. Thanks!
  2. Hi Everyone! I'm new to this and would really appreicate some help. I have a fiesta zetec 1.6 tdci and I'm getting this buzzing noise (quite loud) from somewhere near the headlight. The headlight also becomes dim and then if I move the cables around behind it becomes brighter but the sound is still there. I need to get the connector replaced but the sound is coming from something next to the battery. Any ideas?
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums Alfie89 :)