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  1. From the album MY BABY

  2. From the album MY BABY

  3. From the album MY BABY

  4. From the album MY BABY

  5. From the album MY BABY

  6. From the album MY BABY

  7. From the album MY BABY

  8. From the album MY BABY

  9. Firstly, i disconnected and took out my dials to check what the bulb size for behind the dials were. When i re-connected it all again, my trip computer illumination had faded drastically and almost is out! whilst all other lights and dials were illuminated fine. can anyone help? what do i need to do to make it work again? Secondly, does anyone know where i can get blue coloured bulbs for behind my dials and centre panel display? ie heating controls etc!
  10. Hey, im sure this has been asked loads but just wanna ask again :) Is it possible to play copied disc on the stock cd player? if so how?
  11. bad times
  12. cheers, thought the mk1 would be a nice little owner!! massively loving the van!! :D whats that putting out?
  13. Hey my names Henry, ive had a few cars since i started driving but im now looking at getting a mk1 focus 1.8 zetec :) im very particular about this as you probably can tell haha, so if anyone is selling one, particularly in black and 3 dr ;), or know of anyone selling one, give me a shout! Cars ive owned in the past include a mk1 renualt clio, a skoda felicia haha i no i no shhhh and a brand new fiat 500! suprisingly a top car!!! Thanks very much and i hope to speak to peeps soon
  14. From the album Me ;)

  15. From the album Me ;)