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  1. Starting Problems

    hi all its a miracle cant believe its fixed heres how i only do around 5 miles per day dont use car for anything else so i mentioned it to a friend as i told him i was going to try and sell it but wouldnt want to pass it onto someone else knowing it had this problem so he asked around his work did anyone know anything about ford cars a lad said i do whats up he explained my problem to him and he said can i take a look at car so my mate brought him to see me he had a good look under bonnet then asked me how many miles a day i did and how much i used it told him all this and that i had full service in december but had problem before service so he said take it for a good run upto warrington on motorway and really give it a bit of stick which i did anyway its running like a new car all it needed was the injectors blasting thru cos its not used much they clog up so thats all it was !Removed! hell 5months it was like that cos im just like a sunday driver, swear to god its purring over and running like a dream im even using less petrol thax for all ye input guys and what a great site this is
  2. Starting Problems

    hi nathan thanx for your reply as you indicated the warning light doesnt come on il do as you say and see how it goes il get back to you if it does the trick cheers mate
  3. Starting Problems

    hi thanks for your reply it happens nearly on every start especially the first one of the day i get it going go to work which is 2 miles away leave it for about 7 hours then same thing again when i start it for my return journey ive had a full service all filters and oil and that, the revs drop right down and it conks out it feels like its struggling to get going i can put my foot down and ram the revs up but when i take my foot of it they drop right down and it stops aside from that when its running it fine
  4. Hi Guys

    hi all ive posted this already just trying to find someone who may help me my fiesta needs a lot of revs and left running for a bit befor i can take off i can hear the pump priming in the back so dont think it will be that anyone else had this type of problem with their car help and advice will be most appreciated
  5. Starting Problems

    hi all im not mechanically minded so i thought id try here for some avice before i go to a garage i have a problem with my ford fiesta 1.4 petrol mk7 it starts ok but i need to leave it running and rev it up somewhat to keep it running if i dont do this then the engine cuts out it seems to struggle to run unless i keep revving it up afer it has run for a few minutes its fine also if i ask someone to smell the fumes they say it stinks of petrol and there seems to be a lot of smoke this only happens if i really revit high thank for lookin at my post
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums pieman67 :)

    1. pieman67


      thanks steve hope to learn a bit of stuff about my car as im not that mechanically minded but im always willing to ask and learn