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  1. Starting Problem?

    Thank you for your replies I thought the problem had gone away, but it seems as it came back today. The car was put on a diagnostic machine, but nothing what so ever came up as a problem?
  2. Starting Problem?

    Hello Me and my partnet have just got a Ford Focus 2.0L TDCi '57' plate. Regardless of time whether the car is hot or cold, now and then it will not start, it turns over but doesn't actually start, but the try after that, it will start like normal. It doesn't happen every time, most of the time it will start no problem. We took the car back to the place we got it because of a few other minor problems with it, which they have sorted, and we mentioned the problem but they didn't do anything about it because they said they didn't have the problem at all. So any help would be appreciated with regards to what could be causing this problem etc. Thanks in advance!!
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums JoeMason2013 :)