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  1. Hi Folks, I recently bought a 58 plate Focus 1.8tdci Estate with 133k on the clock, full service history etc, etc ?? The problem I am having is every so often the engine starts missing, then goes into 'limp mode'. The dash panel says Engine Malfunction and the ESP indicator comes on solid. If I turn the ignition off for a few seconds, and restart, it is fine again- sometimes for all day- and sometimes for only a few minutes. I have had it on the computer and there are no engine fault codes coming up at all. I read about it, and it said it may be the ESP getting used to the new drivers 'driving style' and will adapt itself over time ?? It's been 3 months now, so I don't think it is gonna get used to me !! As a precaution I have changed both front wheel bearings (they were a little rumbly and I thought as they have the ABS sensor pickups in them it maybe affecting the ESP) but has made no difference. I have checked all the wheel sensor connections, and all seem sound. Before I go to the expense of changing all the wheel sensors, I wondered if anyone else had experienced this. I may be barking up the wrong tree, and the engine malfunction may cause the ESP light to come on. There are no untoward engine noises, it pulls okay, and the fuel economy is good, so there can't be a great deal wrong with it, can there?? All help greatly appreciated, cheers, Ady.
  2. Hi, can anyone help? Due to a previous problem, I have had to change the engine on the wifes 1.4TDCi Fiesta, Which is an 04, The engine I have put in is out of a 58 plate with 1900 miles on it. I have changed the fuel pump as i believe that carries the PATS code, and also I've used the crank & cam sensors from the old engine, and also the mass airflow sensor, due to the connectors being different. Upon starting it will turn over two or three times then stop, and the engine management light flashes, then stays on. I was informed the engines are the same, but now I/ve been told I may need a later model ECU, can ayone shed any light on this? Cheers
  3. Hi everyone, my name is Ady as you've probably gathered, and due to the fact I own a MK1 Escort Mexico Replica , Running 2.0Pinto & Mk2 running gear.My username was going to be mexady. Typo later I am now maxady, no bad thing as i could do with losing a few pounds heh heh. My collection of Fords are a MK1 Mex previously mentioned, a MK1 Galaxy not strictly a Ford I know, a MK1 Focus , and last but not least , my wifes MK6 Fiesta TDCI. My Fave Ford would be an Escort t25 Cosworth, but a bit more saving up yet, here's hoping. Thanks for having me and i'll try to contribute as best i can, my wife says I'm suffering from Blue Ovalitis, Cheers for now Ady