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  1. Yeah I have had the pro springs on for about a month now
  2. My thread has given you a post boost if nothing else Its a pleasure to help you, haha
  3. I don't find the Eibach pros a problem, they look good at the front & arguably a tad high at the back but what u loose in looks you gain in overall drivability But fair play, if you get them cheap and can swap them over hassle free, then fair play mate
  4. Insurance companies are an ever changing market buddy and times change Cant believe I'm being ripped by a member who has 15 posts in 5 months (bad times) lol I'll go hang my head in shame some where dark
  5. What insurer did they place you with ?
  6. Seems like most if not all are crap I have emailed Dan @ Adrian Flux so I'll see what he says
  7. Haha really helpful The majority on here have quite afew mods and we all must use someone
  8. Seems like all the modified car insurance brokers use either Highway or Markerstudy who both if you google search them read like a horror story in the event of an accident Surely there is someone who is reputable out there who covers mods
  9. I have taken some quick pictures when leaving work today (sorry my car is abit dirty) You can just about make out the Triple R side skirt extensions + front spilter and subtle touches like the de-tangoed front lights, colour coded washer jets and short aerial The first picture shows how low the car is on 30mm Elbach Pro springs (excuse the slightly kerbed alloy, the other 3 are spotless lol) I will put up some better pictures when it's a nicer day and the car is clean and in a better setting
  10. Cheers guys, has anybody ever used Brentacre ?
  11. Guys I have reached the stage where I have enough modifications that the comparison websites don't come up with many results or give me much love anymore Who does everyone rate who are competitively priced and are reputable? My insurance is up for renewal on 01/10
  12. Eibachs are on, I have been waiting for them to settle before putting some pixs up
  13. I hear mixed things about Adrian Flux but I will drop Dan an email
  14. Guys, what's the best company out there for modified car insurance ? I have got to the point where I have enough mods for most companies on the regular compare websites not to like me anymore, lol Doesn't have to be the cheapest, but I want a reputable company