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  1. You are 3 months late buddy
  2. I'm not a huge audio junkie in my car, but I find the standard speakers quite good
  3. Any regrets about getting the ST over the Titanium?
  4. It's more July ish I believe but Ford have not announced full details yet The last time I checked there is hardly even a whisper their website about the new Fiesta
  5. No
  6. Yeah get it done, it's a well kept secret in the motor trade
  7. I have the mist jets on my Fiesta Paintmodz7 is the username on EBay
  8. Agreed, on the black version I'm not a fan of the Red on it (maybe get it wrapped)
  9. Whatever makes you happy I guess I hear kicking the tyres 5 times each before you lock the car adds 2 thousand miles on the longevity of the tyre
  10. I don't think you need to be idle for a few minutes before turning off as that wouldn't always be possible in most circumstances
  11. That's a wolf in sheeps clothing if ever I have seen one, fair play buddy
  12. Has it been on a rolling road to see what it's pushing out with all the extra kit on it ?
  13. Has he not already said they are going to get it replaced?
  14. I'd say the bonnet as it's flat compared to the power bulge the current Fiesta has
  15. Not bad that