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  1. I have taken some quick pictures when leaving work today (sorry my car is abit dirty) You can just about make out the Triple R side skirt extensions + front spilter and subtle touches like the de-tangoed front lights, colour coded washer jets and short aerial The first picture shows how low the car is on 30mm Elbach Pro springs (excuse the slightly kerbed alloy, the other 3 are spotless lol) I will put up some better pictures when it's a nicer day and the car is clean and in a better setting
  2. Cheers guys, has anybody ever used Brentacre ?
  3. Guys I have reached the stage where I have enough modifications that the comparison websites don't come up with many results or give me much love anymore Who does everyone rate who are competitively priced and are reputable? My insurance is up for renewal on 01/10
  4. Eibachs are on, I have been waiting for them to settle before putting some pixs up
  5. I hear mixed things about Adrian Flux but I will drop Dan an email
  6. Guys, what's the best company out there for modified car insurance ? I have got to the point where I have enough mods for most companies on the regular compare websites not to like me anymore, lol Doesn't have to be the cheapest, but I want a reputable company
  7. I'd say black rather than carbon
  8. I was gunna say about the chrome strips as well
  9. Yeah sorry, I just checked your car out again and noticed u don't have the lip spoiler I thought u already had one fitted already (I'm guessing it's all that stealth making it hard to see properly, lol)
  10. If you are talking about the small spoiler fin on the front bumper in the middle you don't need that for the TRC spilter, in fact I removed mine and it looks really good
  11. Starting to look good now as it looked like you had raided the Halfords bargain bin at one point Really liking the TRC rear diffuser and I think by getting some Zetec S/ST side skirts and a TRC front splitter, it would really finish it off nicely
  12. Thinking about bringing forward my Superchips remap due to the alloys being put back
  13. Agreed
  14. Slight change of plan, my lowering springs will be fitted on the 20th and the powder coating of my alloys is now up in the air and might be postponed until October :-( I'm also struggling to get anybody to spray the calipers as well which is a set back and annoying Overall not great!