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  1. You should have waited 12 months for the mk8 ST as they are likely to produce a 5 door
  2. It's gunna have 18 inch alloys as well (optional extras no doubt)
  3. July for all other models aparantly
  4. I read today somewhere that the ST is likely to follow late 2017
  5. Haha I cant say I have ever had the seat belt issue in my 3 door, lol Maybe if I ever test drive the new mk8 I'll have to make a point of checking that and can use it as my get out clause with the dealer when it comes to walking away from the deal haha
  6. I'm not a fan of sporty 5 door cars, but saying that the current ST Focus does go some way too looking quite sleek
  7. Don't they do the ST in 5 door now ?
  8. Yeah it's happening as there are spy shots with a 5 door wearing what looks like OZ superleggera style anthracite alloys
  9. So it's not a "night and day" difference then That ST 200 is a lovely colour but £20k plus is a massive price and no wonder you can pick one up quite easy even though they'll made 400
  10. Hopefully they are standard these days as I really wish I had them on my ZS rather than the boring DRL's before they decided to make the LED's standard They are not the best looking DRL's around though on that picture and don't fully shape the lights (some might like that) I think Seat on their Leon and Audi do nice DRL's which I can't help but admire and take a second glance in my rear view when I see one and always know the identity of the car from along way back
  11. Top man, cheers
  12. I believe you but do you know of any articles so I can have a little bedtime reading haha
  13. Ok, I didn't know that What did they do to improve it ? I believe with the pre late 2015 ST's by adding Mountune springs that helps but not everyone likes the lower stance or would even know they exist until they are car nuts like us on the forums lol
  14. The one thing which has always bothered me about the current ST is the harsh ride people say it has, so if they can improve on that this time around (I'm sure they know about the harsh ride being the main criticism of the current ST as it's reported about enough in the press), then I think they will have a winner on their hands if they don't Ruin the styling