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  1. I have had my K&N in my car for a year plus and have not had any issues There is a slightly better pull which is hardly noticeable but is present, but all these issues I'm reading I have not heard from any other topics I have been involved in on the forums
  2. Nice, how long have you had it ?
  3. I can't see how the Mountune/Eibach springs can make that much of a difference as I have 30mm Eibachs on my ZS and it looks lower for sure but I wouldn't say it improves the ride quality that much
  4. Put some pixs up as I like the 200 Surely Ford would be able to help you about the touch up paint
  5. You should be fine, especially if you don't lower it
  6. Just remember to remove the rear spoiler lol
  7. How you finding the ride quality upto the titanium?
  8. I average around 43-45mpg in my ZS 125bhp with a catback freeflow exhaust and K&N filter but mainly do motorway driving Mon-Fri in rush hour (about 15 miles each way)
  9. Just hold tight a year and see if the mk8 ST suits you more
  10. 33% softer and most reviews I have read have said you can tell the difference
  11. I think I'm right in saying that all ST's now have the improved ride setup from the ST 200 which should be slightly better than the older ST's prior to the 200 being released
  12. Should be in time, why you gunna change over the ST-Line in the next 6-7 months ?
  13. Please make this Ford...
  14. You should have waited 12 months for the mk8 ST as they are likely to produce a 5 door