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  1. Can't Start,won't Start

    No mate I don't have a reader I'm thinking immo fault Do you know if an ECU change is needed and am I right in thinking its behind the glovebox
  2. Can't Start,won't Start

    Thanks mate I've checked these things,there ok It's as if the key isn't recognised and the starter and fuel pump have been cut off.
  3. Hello From Sunny Glasgow

    Hi Guys Just a wee intro from me I'm Alan from bonny Scotland,just got myself back on the road again after a few years , got a wee W reg puma 1.7 and I'm lovin it. I've posted a problem already in puma club and if anyone can help I,ll be eternally grateful Cheers guys.
  4. Can't Start,won't Start

    Hi guys, Here's my story Just left the MOT station on Friday,having flew through it,mechanic even congratulated me on having such a sound car lol Got about half a mile down the road when the engine just died ,got mechanic from MOT station too have a RAC to look towed home. When I turn the key I get nothing,not a thing,fuel pump doesn't prime, starter doesn't turn . Immobiliser light flashes constant every 2seconds,nothing changes when ignition is left on,all fuses are fine everything works on the car,everything earthed.factory fitted alarm and immobiliser ANYONE HELP PLEASE...
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums Daysleeper101 :)