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  1. Do I Keep My Mondeo 4X4 Or Sell It

    Well this question was answered for me as it did not sell. So I will be keeping the Mondeo 4x4 and building a Zetec turbo with it. Any build threads on here that you would recommend?
  2. Hi I recently bought a Mondeo 4x4 as i know these cars are very rare but now I seem to be stuggling to find parts for it like front springs and shocks. Does anybody know of any other springs and shocks that will fit it? I quite like the car and I am even considering selling my pride and Joy my e36 convertible to keep this car and restore it due to its rarity. I would also Like to get a mk1 rs kit for it as being the hatchback model it is very plain. Any body else here got a 4x4 or some parts they wish to part with?
  3. I recently bought a 4x4 Mondeo Si I know they are rare only 25 left according to howmanyleft.co.uk Are there any of the other cars owners here?
  4. Hi I am based in Milton Keynes and have a MK1 Mondeo 4x4 Si
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums Farr's Cars :)

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