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  1. thermostat

    hi people i had a water leak on my ford ka around the therostat housing so i dain system and took to bits the housing becuase i was going to change state of a matter of course buy the stat is stuck in the housing, there is no spring holding it in any idea how the remove..... cheers
  2. antifreeze change

    hi thanks for the reply all done and dusted thanks m8
  3. antifreeze change

    my therostat is playing up and want to change it, thats no problem but i want to change the coolant could anyone tell me if there is a drain plug so I can drain and flush it out it a ford ka 1.3 endur e engine
  4. Revving engine when clutch depressed

    Ford know about this problem, I am told it is something to do with the powertrain control module signal.hope this point you in the right direction