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  1. The one I was looking at was $AU120 however, upon pulling my radio out I noticed the plugs were different so I basically canned the whole idea. Instead I'll upgrade the speakers (Alpine Type R Components) and hidden amps to maintain a factory look but big sound.
  2. do you have any idea what plug type might be in my original radio?
  3. The original radio:
  4. Heres the unit i want to put in: Heres the back of the new unit: Heres the back of the factory unit:
  5. I'd show you the pics if I knew how to put a pic up... haha
  6. Upon pulling out my head unit and looking at the plug, i believe the plugs are different... :( not going to work I think
  7. Has anyone done factory head unit to Sony 6 CD Head Unit swap?

  8. Hi All, I have a 2006 LS LX Focus. Just wondering if anyone has done a conversion from the factory CD head unit to the Sony 6 CD in-dash unit that came out in the ST Focus (or XR5 to those of us in Australia)? Are the plugs the same for both? Does the remote control near the steering wheel work after the swap? Any info helps... cheers
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums matt.ja90 :)