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  1. Thanks JW! Disconnecting the battery and leaving it for a few hours seemed to give the battery a boost and it unlocked the doors. But it wouldn't start so I suspected a flat. I called roadside assist and they jump started my car fine... all working again. So I suspect my battery voltage fell too low for it to read properly and subsequently stuffed up my HEC read. I'm not going to try anything else until I replace the battery, but I did get most of the GEM stuff out of the way anyway. Thanks again and cheers for the awesome guide and software!
  2. So I was reading the HEC via usb cable, the Head unit flashed and then everything went black except for the indicators. Now lots of things aren't working. I can start the car but no throttle, no opening windows, no locking the car with the remote. Plz help! I'm getting NO DATA errors when trying to read or flash 509 rom.
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums insomniac :)