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  1. Focus Side Satellite Sensor Placement??

    No mention of a LH sensor then? In that case I reckon I've done all I can. No one seems to know what this sensor is!
  2. Focus Side Satellite Sensor Placement??

    It's a 2003 Focus 1.6 Ghia. Any idea where I find this sensor?
  3. Focus Side Satellite Sensor Placement??

    Anyone? I've had a search through the site but can't find an answer
  4. I'm doing some work on a friend's focus before his mot. His airbag light is on, with the flashing code 4-2 on ignition. By doing some research I've localised that code to the LH satellite airbag sensor, but can't find any indication on the internet of where this sensor is. I found the front one just behind the bonnet latch, and have given that a clean as there was some corrosion on the points, but can someone help me find the offending sensor?
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums tomosllyr :)