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  1. Help Needed With My Xr3I Cabriolet

    hi, Ive just joined up this evening and im hoping to get a bit of help with my 1990 xr3i. The problem is with starting, unless i press the throttle all the way down it wont start. ive only just got the car on the road a week ago and had been fine, it started getting a bit jumpy and not pulling to well so ive changed the leads and put new plugs (gapped to 1mm) thinking this would fix it. it runs a bit better but still the same problem. i Tried taking air filter out but no difference when i took the fuel return pipe of the regulator the full pumps out well when its priming up but only a small trickle when turning over. Any help would be much appreciated, Paul.
  2. Welcome to the Ford forums PaulMason78 :)