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  1. Revving engine when clutch depressed

    http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a119/Tom106/KaEngine.jpg The throttle control valve is the silver thing with wires just to the left of the centre of this image. Take it off, and the thing that its connected to,(black plactic mount) and clean it with degreaser, or wd40, Ford do know about this but they will replace more parts and charge your... coz its not an actual recall. The cleaning takes about 20mins plus drying time, and works like a charm. You only need one spanner for 4 bolts.
  2. It the engine sounding really tapperty? If it does dont drive it and get the tappets adjusted, otherwise the bottom of the followers will get damaged....cost me £600 to fix I thought it might be a bearing prob. You know when it is seriously wrong when you hear that sound (like some one is hitting your engine hard with a hammer)constantly, in gear or not.