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  1. Haha Gemma Todd your dad murdered the toilet

  2. WOOHOO Man of Steel tickets booked, now just to play the waiting game.

  3. Hmm its been 2 weeks and I still don't have my sticker/decal. I really want it.
  4. and now just waiting for my sticker to come :)
  5. Aaah makes sense and anthracite is a sweet colour
  6. I need a ford owners club sticker/decal is this an ebay job? Also what do people think about me black powder coating the alloys?
  7. Thanks for the info, seems to me ill need to find a decent mechanic to help me out with this job.
  8. Just wondering about upgrading my stereo to the sat nav version. Where could I buy one? How would i be able to fit it? She is a focus 2010 ZETEC Many thanks Grant
  9. Hi I have just got my focus and was wondering if anyone knows where i could buy the 2010 focus sat nav to replace my stereo?
  10. Well got myself a beautiful car and signed up to this website (awesomeballs)
  11. Welcome to the Ford forums Grant Lancaster :)

    1. Grant Lancaster

      Grant Lancaster

      Thank you. I did not realize there forums just specifically for cars, this is awesome.