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  1. Thanks Graham. I think if I'm going to the trouble of taking the sump off, I might as well check the banjo filter as well. Probably better to do that first as a base line and then just do the sump clean procedure every year after to be sure? Just ordered the Haynes manual as it will always come in handy I fear!
  2. So you think they'll be enough room to get to the sump nuts using say a ring spanner over the exhaust that covers them. Its just the actual separation and refitting that caused the issues?
  3. Hi Graham Thanks for the update. I think even though you've spent money on parts you didn't need, the knowledge that everything is ok is worth far more. Quick question which would probably be answered in your guide... How difficult was it to get the sump off? When I changed the oil I noticed that the exhaust covers some of the nuts holding the sump on. I would love to do your brake cleaner trick and clean the gloop out of the bottom. I think mine has a DPF which no doubt adds to the entertainment Will probably attempt what you did in the autumn. If you could get your guide on here, that would be awesome :) Also on a side note, I'm thinking of doing all the servicing from now on. Do you have or can point me in the right direction where it details when the other serviceable items need to be replaced, such as air filters etc. Thanks again Jeff
  4. Not sure either on turbo costs. I've seen you can buy turbo's on ebay for £300 but then you need all the other parts they recommend replacing like the oil feed pipe, sump and pump etc. The ebay sites are pretty good at explaining that unless you replace the other parts, there is no warranty on the turbo. I think these work out to be another £200. I've also heard stories that Ford charge around £1500 for "turbo replacement kit" which contains all the bits Pretty scary really. Is yours showing signs of failure?
  5. Managed to change the oil and filter following your instructions thanks Graham. All went fine apart from I couldn't see where the o ring seal went that came with the new filter? Nothing seemed to fit it and there wasn't an old seal that I could see? Anyway it all seems fine and there's no oil leaks so I assume it's ok. No signs of carbonized oil on the filter or in the old oil. The only place I could see it was around the rocker cover by the breather pipe which I would think it normal? it wasn't much, just a light covering. I did try and get the rocker cover off but the injector pipes we're in the way and I didn't want to disturb things too much. Your link to the turbo failure investigation was an interesting read. However, if you only changed the oil every 30k for the first two years I guess that's what happens? Good luck with your sump replacement project and make sure you take loads of pics! I'll probably me attempting it later on in the year. thanks again Jeff
  6. Thanks for the instructions, most helpful Graham :)
  7. I guess at the end of the day, by looking at the old oil filter (and sump if you have time to remove) you should get a good idea of how bad things are in the engine. If it's got loads of carbonised oily deposits, then its time to worry!!
  8. Thanks Graham I'm now planning on doing an oil change at the weekend as well to try and put my mind to rest. Going to buy a 27mm socket for future oil changes but do I need anything else like washers? On my shopping list all I have is a good quality 5/30 synthetic oil and the oil filter. Also, just popped out to my local garage to get a price on replacing the oil feed pipe and the chap doesn't want to do the job. He's spoken to his mechanic friend who's advised him not to touch it due to all the issues around turbo failure. Advised me to sell the car whilst I could. Nice hey. Time to roll my sleeves up i guess. On another thought, I currently have AA cover via my bank and I notice that they also offer a Garage and Parts cover for £7 per month. I did look at the small print and there is a statement in there that says they don't cover parts where lack of oil has caused the failure. I think its more aimed at people who don't service the car as I doubt they'll perform root cause analysis on the turbo failure. The only downside is that the max you can claim for is £500 and you pay £35 excess which makes it quite pricey if the regular oil changes prove to be a success.
  9. Hi Graham, I'm very tempted to disconnect the oil feed pipe for 60 seconds and do the test this weekend. I have tried calling Ford to double check the figures but can't get through to an engineer. Are you sure it's 300ml after 60 secs? I was thinking of just doing it for 10 seconds and looking for around 50 ml to reduce the risk of oil starvation. I've asked my local (non Ford) garage to give me a price on replacing the oil feed pipe. I'm also half tempted to remove the gauze when i do replace it. Ford obviously say it needs to be there but the way I look at it, if you leave it in you have a higher chance of failure than if you remove it. I cant see any benefit what so ever? Would love to hear your views? Cheers Jeff
  10. yes I see what you mean. Tricky....
  11. Hi Graham Thanks for the reply. Yes, the oil return would be more sensible approach. I thought the oil feed pipe for the turbo is the one that sits onto of the turbo and looks very accessable. So maybe I just undo this and inspect he pipe to see what the condition is like? That should give me an idea how bad the problem is. Or have I got the wrong pipe completely? Might just pop down to my local garage and see how much they'll charge to take the sump off, clean the feed pipe (if possible) and give it an oil / filter change. From there on I'll just keep changing the oil and filter every 5K and hope for the best I guess. I'll be interested to see how you get on with your plan though. Thanks Jeff
  12. Hi there, My Focus 1.6 tdci (06 reg and 70k miles) has just had a leak on the 3rd injector. A local garage sorted it out for me but after reading all about turbo failure due to clogged up oil galleries, I'm thinking it's probably a wise move to look into some simple preventative measures I can do myself. I've also got concerns as it looks like the inject had been leaking for a while (maybe a couple of months - wife's car and she didn't notice the oily smell etc) What are your thoughts about using an oil flush (only this once) to remove any unwanted sludge etc? I've read a lot of good and bad articles about them and apparently Ford uses Wynns oil flush as part of their turbo replacement procedure. Before we just relied on the annual service which came around every 12k miles so now I'm a little bit worried that I've not changed the oil enough in the past. Also, would briefly disconnecting the oil feed pipe on the turbo to check the oil flow be a really bad idea? Just thinking that this would be a real simple test to see if the pipe is blocked etc. I'm assuming it's the small pipe that connects to the top of the turbo? thanks Jeff
  13. Welcome to the Ford forums JeffFocus :)