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  1. No they are the same as in the picture of this Focus Collection Dont know how to post images but if one googles Zetec Collection and looks at images they show up there Thanks,
  2. Hi, I have just joined this forum as I need help with a 2000 x reg Focus Zetec Collection i have just acquired. The problem is that the drivers side front fog light lens cover is cracked and has let water in so it doesnt work and also the passanger front fog light does not work. I have been searching everywhere and even rang ford dealers for the price of a new fog light but I have had no success. Seems to me that the front fog lights on a zetec collection are unknown to alot of people. Can anyone suggest what I can replace them with that will fit into the same spot on the bumper? Thankyou all in advance
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums mormegil7256 :)