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  1. Hope someone can help me.... I've got a DVD Satnav head unit (Travelpilot NX) with the climate controls built in. I would love to get an aftermarket head unit but it also functions as the climate control display - changing the settings alters the display on the LCD. Is it possible to get standalone climate controls and a fascia with a single- or double-DIN head unit hole in it? I've had the head unit out and the climate all seems to be on a separate cable, but with no display so it wouldn't be much use.
  2. Hi all, new to this great looking forum I've got a 2009 Focus Titanium which was specced from new with the combined satnav plus climate option. I think it's called NAV HIGH in the spec list? Some sites also refer to it as the Blaupunkt Travelpilot NX - it has the hidden DVD rather than the smaller FX unit with the SD card. Now while it's a nice unit, it can be a bit slow and it's now 4 years out of date. Updated DVDs are £350 from dealers so it's still running the original 09 data. I'd love to use a different unit, perhaps just swap it for a double-DIN using a fascia adaptor and then get something that'll sync better with my smartphone. However the unit comes out as a whole with the climate controls, and there's a few climate functions (mono-dual zone switch springs to mind) that don't have a physical button, you can only do it on the head unit. Anyone had any experience swapping this unit for a generic head unit, are there adaptors around to house the climate controls currently attached to the satnav? If I had a 2009 Focus with dual zone climate but no satnav, how does the dash look? So many questions I know... thanks for reading this far! Chris
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums pillock :)